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aXXo is the Internet alias of an individual who released and standardized commercial film DVDs as free downloads on the Internet between and . The files, which were usually new films, were popular among the file sharing community using peer-to-peer file sharing protocols such as BitTorrent. During November last year we reported that the popular DVD ripper aXXo had decided to take a break and stop releasing new material for a while. It now seems that he is back in business. A few hours ago aXXo uploaded his first movie in months. He chose "I Am. 7 Aug When the popular DVD ripper aXXo stopped releasing new torrents earlier this year many loyal fans were left disappointed. After nearly five months of absence early indications seemed to indicate that he's back in business. However, those who look closer will notice that something is amiss.

28 Nov The popular DVD ripper aXXo is a BitTorrent cult figure, despised by some, worshiped by others. An estimated one million people download aXXo's rips every month and his name is among the most searched keywords on all BitTorrent sites. Not surprisingly, rumors start to spread when there is no official. these arent really accusations hun, there have been quite some detailed reports about it in the past, besides that All axxo releases came within mere days AFTER there had been a proper release by one of the major film groups, but never really before a release was made which is just a bit lame, yknow. 19 Dec They/he/she quit a while ago. I remember reading their farewell note from their " last" release which was a little sad, but hey, a lot of the guys in the scene do it for shits and giggles and he probably just moved on. I do remember there being a few movies upped with the aXXo name, but I don't know if they.

12 Nov No matter what metric you choose, aXXo is BitTorrent's biggest name. The editor of the blog TorrentFreak, a year-old from the Netherlands who goes by the nom de Web Ernesto, says that his weekly chart of the 10 most pirated films on BitTorrent is essentially a compilation of aXXo's latest releases. 29 Dec At am on Monday 15 December, a new post appeared on an internet forum called the Darkside Release Group. "Darkside_RG" is a clearing house for internet pirates, a site dedicated to the online redistribution of movies, music and videogames. Its members happily spend their days sharing and. 4 Nov While many believe that its releases won't be missed, YIFY's shutdown will leave a big hole in the piracy market and have a knock-on effect on streaming aXXo was the alias of an individual who specialized in leaking DVD-quality rips of new movies to torrent sites that were nearly always encoded in files.


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